‘Adoption just start of story’: Gay Village host comedy night to support LGBT adoptees

Manchester’s Gay Village is hosting a comedy night in aid of Castlefield charity After Adoption and to provide support for LGBT adoptees on November 13.

Five local comedians, including Colin Manford, will be performing for the Village Comedy Night 2 event to help raise the target of £2000 for LGBT families who have adopted children.

One in five of the child adoption placements achieved by After Adoption in the last 12 months were placed with parents whom identified as LGBT.

Steve Joyce, 46, a fundraiser for After Adoption said: “Once the child leaves the foster home the story has not ended. Adoption is the start of the story.”

The charity believes that every adoptive family has a better chance of thriving if offered their range of adoption support services.

Nationally 20% of adoptions fail, but with After Adoption and the support services they provide, that figure is reduced to only 2%.

This is due to the range of support services, with social workers tailoring their help for each family.

Mr Joyce said: “Those families [who After Adoption help] have a much better chance of thriving.

“So this whole idea that adoption is the end of the story, that’s not the case.

“We carry on with that support for as long as the families need us, it’s targeted so it’s very different support for every family.”

Colin Manford, Jason Manford’s little brother, will be hosting the night, and Mr Joyce is hopeful that his prestigious older sibling could still make an appearance.

Earlier this year for the Village Comedy Night in February Jason arrived and performed after planning to go for a curry with little brother Colin after his performance.

Those planning on attending don’t forget to bring a fiver or two for the raffle with great prizes to be won for a great cause.

Mr Joyce said: “We are having a push to sell the last few tickets. Every penny counts.”

Tickets cost £15 and include food and discounted drinks, and can be purchased here.

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