Are you ready for Glamazon? Manchester’s first monthly trans night is here – for trans people and their admirers

Manchester’s first monthly transgender night for trans people, their friends and admirers is opening tomorrow.

Glamazon club night will burst onto the scene on May 17 and hopes to provide a fun and safe environment for the city’s trans community.

Inspired by trans events in London, Glamazon founder Billie Jean, who has been DJing around the Village for 14 years, decided that Manchester needed a monthly night of its own.

Billie Jean told MM: “I went to London and went to the trans nights down there, which were great, and I thought why doesn’t Manchester have these kinds of nights?

“Cha-cha boudoir the experimental drag night is doing incredibly well, but there doesn’t seem to be a night for the ordinary trans folk and we just want to create something that appeals to everyone.”

Manchester has always been a hub for the trans community, with many people who identify themselves as trans living in the city.

The idea of Glamazon is to bring those in the trans community together and also their friends and admirers.

Billie Jean said: “I get asked all the time by guys who want to meet trans people, where can I go?  There’s obviously the web, but not so many places where men looking to meet trans people can go to buy someone a drink, have a dance, or sit and chat.

“We want to develop a brand where people are comfortable to go for a night out and meet people, bring a date or maybe just make friends; it’s something that Glamazon is very passionate about.”

Village DJ legend Kampari will be spinning discs and Princess Jordan who has performed in and around Manchester for a decade will be singing live on stage throughout the night to bring cabaret element to proceedings.

Glamazon will also be collecting money for George House Trust, and Sparkle; Europe’s biggest trans festival, which which kicks off on July 12 and 13.

Those who attend can get ready at the venue, there’s also a lounge area that people can use to just have a chat and get to know people.

Safety of those is obviously an essential factor for Glamazon and the night will also have a strict door policy to ensure that trans people and their friends are free to relax and unwind without the fear of harassment.

Billie Jean said: “I think society is more accommodating but there’s still a long way to go yet.  Glamazon will be a chilled out party vibe with a safe space policy.”

Glamazon starts on May 17 and will run every second Saturday.  It is free for trans folk all night, free for friends and admirers before 12, £10 after.

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