MM’s top five… General Election Vines

As decision time looms for the General Election on Thursday, MM have counted down the top five vines of the party leaders which will hopefully help you make the right choice.

Spitting Image, Private Eye and That Was The Week That Was have all provided comic relief from politics and this year’s race for Number 10 has a given rise to viral satire like never before.

The results have been counted and verified and MM can now reveal that the top five General Election Vines of 2015 are…

5. In at number five, when you don’t know how to stop an argument, Nigel Farage would advise vigorous hand flapping and throwing a wobbly.

The UKIP leader became a little flustered during ITV’s Leaders Debate a few weeks ago when no one seemed to notice him attempting to be the voice of reason.

4. Amongst leaders breaking their promises, dodging questions and not offering up specifics, even the English have managed to enjoy the bluntness of  Nicola Sturgeon.

Ranked at number four is the moment when the Scottish National Party leader tried to sum up Farage in one sentence, and it sure did receive a mighty applause.

3. There have been many times over the past five years when we’ve all wondered what Nick Clegg ACTUALLY DOES.

Sitting next to David Cameron in the House of Commons this vine describes what may be running through the Liberal Democrat leader’s head…

2. Getting down to the nitty gritty in the chart now, one of David Cameron’s favourite campaigning techniques has been the selfie.

He’s looked past his double chin and got in on the teenage craze from every angle and this vine complies some of the golden ones.

1. Finally, who else would be number one other than Ed ‘hell yes I’m tough enough’ Miliband, who we hope is not suffering from a sprained ankle after last night’s awkward stumble on Question Time.

We’ve all been haunted in our sleep by his face staring right down the camera during TV debates and this clip here will ensure that those nightmares will never cease to invade your once peaceful sleep.

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