Review: The Bierkeller @ The Printworks, Manchester

By Amber Haque

The Bierkeller is an impressive gargantuan mega-complex of beery fun that already has three venues across Northern England – and it was only a matter of time before Manchester got its own one. 

Like a boozy theme park for lovers of the more playful (and significantly less serious) end of the dining and drinking spectrum, it boasts entertainment and live sport every night. 

For those who want something more quaint and intimate (perhaps this isn’t the place!) there is the cosy-looking ski lodge area where you can enjoy a pint with the big screen’s live sport – away from the chaos downstairs.

Decorated like a ski resort chalet, Bierkeller certainly seek to turn on the charm here but in reality how relaxing this area will be with a Manchester derby on the TV is anyone’s guess. 

Downstairs is a very different;  the sounds of Bavarian folk songs and people chanting and laughing greet you, while the Bierkeller room itself hosts one of the UK’s biggest 3D LED screens. Some money went into that, that’s for sure…

There are rows upon rows of wooden benches where groups of friends mount them for a night of dancing and singing on the tables – apparently what you might find in traditional pubs in Bavaria… we haven’t been.

It’s all about the crowd involvement here and the staff in traditional Bavarian attire are keen to not let anyone sit still. It’s one of those things where if you go with it you’ll probably have a good time – but it’s probably not to everyone’s tastes. 

The beers are served in either half or full ‘steins’ – these huge goblets of brew are all part of the traditional experience, and the ales on offer range from Bierkeller’s own, to a vast range from across the globe.

You’ll certainly be spoilt for choice, though a significant number are lagers from around the world – this isn’t the place to pick up a rare gueuze or local microbrewery’s pale ale.

The food menu boasts delights from huge bratwurst sausages, to tasty big pretzels – for just £5-10 you can tuck in to a filling and hearty meal, which isn’t bad at all.

Manchester’s Bierkeller also boasts the ‘around the world’ bar – a side room that invites you to explore the food and drink of the continents across the globe.  

Staff dish out adventure cards and you join the league table when you successfully show you’ve completed all the continents – again a great way that Bierkeller staff really get the customer involved. 

Bierkeller even gives the VIP customer an area where they can enjoy the live music and singing from the privacy of their own private booth.

The inside of the room can’t be seen from the outside and table owners can live it up with their private party while enjoying a private drinks menu of elite spirits and champagne, all under the protection of your trustee bouncer on the door!

Finally… there’s the shooters sports bar. With Manchester holding the two best football teams in the country, this is bound to get pretty… ‘atmospheric’. The room is studded with huge LED screens streaming out sports and the theme of all the food and drink is, of course, sport.

Have a go at the shot racks of flavoured tequila and sambuca that are themed on the strips of the likes of Barcelona, Man United and Juve.

The food menu delights you with America-style BBQ treats, burgers named after top international football players and mega cheap pint prices. To say this section isn’t for everyone would be an understatement, but sure to have its ‘fans’.

Bierkeller is certainly a lot of fun and just exploring the place makes it worthy of a visit. With such a massive range of beers and sport coming out of your ears, it’s bound to find its audience in Manchester.

Main picture courtesy of Dallas Foodie, with thanks.

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