Free Art Friday: Manchester’s chance to hunt for treasures craftily hidden across city

Unless you’re one of Manchester’s high-rollers, or a world-class bargain hunter, owning art you’re proud to hang on your living room wall might seem completely out of reach – but not if it’s Free Art Friday!

Manchester Craft Mafia is taking over the city, leaving bundles of joy and art in various locations from Salford to Bolton, and everywhere in between, labelled ‘Take Me Home’.

Hints to the whereabouts of these 40 plus parcels of arts and crafts are being posted on the groups Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages.

A spokeswoman for the group said: “From Salford to Bolton and loads of places in between, we’re aiming to spread joy all over the Greater Manchester area.

“We want to brighten people’s day with some handmade loveliness, made by Greater Manchester people for Great Manchester people!”

The artworks up for grabs, created by Craft Mafia members and friends, range in retail value from £4.50 to £65.

And the not for profit organisation are calling on all of Manchester to get involved in the city-wide treasure hunt, and spread the creativity using their Free Art Friday hashtag.

“Spread the word using #FreeArtFridayMCM. We’d especially love to hear from you if you find one of the parcels of loveliness,” said the spokeswoman.

“We’d especially love to see photos of you with your find!”

A few of these hidden gems have already been discovered so if you fancy one of these arty treasures get your running shoes on, get out and get hunting.

There is a gallery full of teasers of what’s on offer up on the ‘crafty and proud’ group’s website or follow the trail on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

Manchester Craft Mafia is a group of craft businesses dedicated to supporting and sharing a creative, maverick spirit of crafting in Manchester, Greater Manchester and beyond. 

Image courtesy of Manchester Craft Mafia, via Facebook, with thanks.

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