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How to get outdoors more

The pandemic may have had you itching to get outside in the fresh air, re-evaluating your priorities, or maybe you’d just like some tips for getting more active in general.

If you’re not sure what you’d like to do outdoors, have a specific budget that limits what you can do, or are simply looking for inspiration, this guide can help you make the right first steps to getting outside more. Here’s how.

Get into a good routine

You might not be successful at being more active if it’s a last-minute thought or if you’re trying to squeeze in time spent outdoors around other responsibilities.

Especially if you have a busy day and leaving it until the last minute, you’re more likely to be tired and make excuses to stay at home instead.

Organising your whole routine in a better way means you can pinpoint those times you’re available to spend the day out or even spend just an hour or two outside.

You can also plan for when you’re feeling most productive and energised.

You can also make weekend plans for longer trips outdoors if you have a more organised schedule.

Find an exercise you’ll look forward to

There are plenty of ways you can stay active with outdoor activities and pastimes, but it can be difficult to know where to start if you’re not sure what you’d like to do.

The best method is to find something you’re going to really look forward doing, rather than having it be a dreaded workout.

So if you’re not a runner or a jogger and the thought fills you with dread, you may want to try hiking as an alternative.

Or, ditch the car for a bike you can explore with. Switching to different models like gravel bikes will also open up more options for you and allow you to explore different terrain.

Research new places

Trying to think of somewhere to go off the top of your head can be difficult, especially if you only know your local area.

Not being able to think of somewhere to travel to or which interests you enough can be enough of a reason not to bother.

There are so many places out there to explore that you might not have even heard of.

Only by doing your research can you find new places to explore, whether it’s hiking routes, bike routes, or activities you want to try.

You can even make it more interesting by setting goals and making a list of locations or outdoor activities you want to accomplish so that you can tick them off.

This may help you to feel more excited and motivated about going outdoors.

Take someone with you

It’s a lot more interesting and exciting if you head outdoors with a friend, a group of friends, or other loved ones.

It also makes it more likely you’ll stick to outdoor plans and feel more motivated if you have someone else sharing the experience. You can then plan for great group activities, too.

As a final point, these ideas don’t have to cost anything, either.

You don’t have to pay anything to explore a hiking route or take in the sights, so getting outdoors has never been easier or cheaper.

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