Belle Vue: Still a Mancunian entertainment hub

Belle Vue has long been an underappreciated area of Manchester.

Those of a certain vintage will recall the Belle Vue Zoological Gardens that closed in 1977, a place with a rich history and mass appeal.

Yet there are still multiple reasons why those seeking entertainment should head to Belle Vue. From gaming and sports to unique cinema experiences, Belle Vue should go underrated no longer.

While horse racing has become the nation’s favourite pastime of that ilk, greyhound racing is a sport that offers the same thrill with a different dynamic.

The Belle Vue Stadium has hosted greyhound racing since 1926, making it as much an historic curiosity as it is an exciting place to spend a weekend.

The main attraction comes on Saturday nights, although there are also meets on Wednesday and Sunday to which admission is free of charge. Plans were mooted earlier this year to build 243 homes at the location, so it is worth checking out the country’s first purpose-built greyhound stadium while it still stands. 

(Image courtesy of Belle Vue Greyhound Stadium via Facebook, with thanks)

The Belle Vue Stadium used to house the Belle Vue Aces, Manchester’s legendary speedway team.

The Aces have since moved to the National Speedway Stadium in Gorton, reinforcing Manchester’s claim to be the leading speedway city in the country.

The stadium hosted part of the inaugural Speedway of Nations in June 2018. The versatility of the venue means that it also hosts the Manchester Titans, the city’s British American Football team.

American football is growing in popularity in the UK, but the Mirror discovered that it does not feature in the top ten sports to be played outside of school.

A trip to Belle Vue can introduce fans to new activities. Speedway and American football don’t garner huge amounts of publicity in this country, so the easy access to diverse sports in Belle Vue is a real fillip for the area. 

Part of Belle Vue’s appeal is how there are a range of gaming and sporting options concentrated around the railway station, making the area easy to access.

If greyhound racing isn’t someone’s cup of tea, then the recently-opened Buzz Bingo club is just a short stroll away. There, players can have an actual cup of tea while participating in one of the nation’s most popular games.

While bingo is a game that has a long tradition in this country, venues such as this bingo club ensure that the activity remains fresh and exciting in the 21st century. With slots to complement the bingo calling, the club looks to expand its clientele and keep it entertained. 

These are not the only forms of entertainment in Belle Vue. The Showcase Cinema offers all of the latest film releases across its 14 screens.

The cinema also gives audiences the chance to indulge in some nostalgia, with their Flashback series bringing older releases back on to the big screen.

A screening of Die Hard on December 7 2018 to celebrate its 30th anniversary will give movie-lovers the opportunity to debate whether it is a Christmas film.

For a very different cinema experience, fans of Andre Rieu can bring in the new year by watching his concert on January 5.

The event in Sydney will be transported to the big screen in Belle Vue, part of the eclectic range of entertainment available in the area. 

Image courtesy of Belle Vue Speedway via Facebook.

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