MM’s guide to… 2018 Christmas advent calendars

Once a treat purely for children, the advent calendar is now a staple in every home – with brands offering calendars stacked with everything from booze to cosmetics.

MM has sourced the best of the lot, so that everyone can indulge this festive period.

Alcohol Advent Calendars – by Harry Benbow

If you’re hoping to really get into the Christmas spirit(s), why not try one of these boozy advent calendars.

Manchester Breweries Craft Beer – £64.95 

Not only does this advent calendar come with 24 of Manchester’s finest craft beers, for every purchase £5 will go to Mustard Tree, who for the past 25 years have been helping people in Greater Manchester who are facing poverty and homelessness.

John Lewis & Partners Wine Advent Calendar – £70 

This is perfect for all the wine mums looking to wind down this Christmas, with a stellar selection of red, white or rose behind each door.

Tipsy Tree Gin Advent Calendar – £140 

This range of top-tier gins comes stored in lovely wooden Christmas tree, adding a touch of class to the festive treat. Make sure you’re mixing cabinet is well stocked in advance!

24 Days of Rum Advent Calendar – £79.99 

A selection of rums from all over the world comes enclosed in this sleek gold and black advent calendar, as well as a nosing glass for perfect enjoyment levels!

Beauty Advent Calendars – by Bisma Hussain

If you’re not looking to indulge in some calorie filled treats, you could try one of these calendars, filled with the best beauty products for men or women.

Superdrug Bristle and Smith Men’s 12 Days Advent Calendar – £9 

The Bristle & Smith range comes packed with a range of toiletries and accessorises, the perfect gift for the any man trying to stay dapper over December.

L’Occitane Classic beauty advent calendar – £49

Perfect your skin routine this Christmas with this superb selection of shower oils, soaps and more.

Lookfantastic Advent Calendar 

Packed full of cosmetics, skin care and hair care products to make any woman happy. With a range of companies products being carefully selected and wrapped to give a touch of luxury to this advent calendar.

Food Advent Calendars – by Anna Brocklehurst

If you are looking to feast, but aren’t a chocolate fan, there’s a wide range of other options out there.

ASDA Cheese Advent Calendar – £8 

Cheese lovers rejoice! This calendar comes packed with a variety of cheeses, from Red Leicester to Edam. This sold out in days last year and is expected to be in high demand again.

Joe & Seph’s Popcorn advent calendar – £25 

Packed full of popcorn connoisseurs Joe & Seph’s most loved flavours and never before tasted treats including Cookies & Cream and Banoffee Pie.

Kids Advent Calendar – by Jordan Baker

Taking it back to basics, this selection of kid’s calendars is sure to light up their mornings before school!

Lego Star Wars Advent Calendar – £19.99 

Any Star Wars fanatic will love this advent calendar including figurines such as a Naboo Starfighter and TIE Fighter.

Haribo Advent Calendar – £5 

A Haribo themed advent calendar filled with fun-size packs of Goldbears and Starmix, a step away from the traditional chocolate calendars, but still certain to brighten up their mornings!

12 Days of Bath & Body Snow White Advent Calendar – £7 

This calendar holds 12 individual scented apple beauty treats from nail buffers to lip balms allowing for a pampered run up to Christmas for the kids!

Swizzles Advent Calendar – £4 

A sweet assortment full of family favourites including Drumstick Squashies and Love Hearts to ring in the Christmas spirit.

Chocolate Advent Calendars – by Matthew D’Henin

And now back to basics. If you’re just looking for the classic chocolate advent calendars, you can’t go wrong with these!

Hotel Chocolat’s Grand Advent Calendar – £68 

Lead up to a grander Christmas this year with Hotel Chocolat’s showpiece advent calendar. Give the gift of Christmas a month earlier to your most sweet-toothed loved one with the hallmark of all advent calendars.

Don’t worry, we too balked at the £68 price tag. Nevertheless don’t let that put you off. This fireplace centrepiece provides a taste of decadence during the cosy nights in and saves the nightly pit stop to the convenience store.

It’s not just a heavily wrapped truffle awaiting you every day, oh no – treats range from coconut coated snowballs to cinnamon buns, with cocoa gin and salted caramel vodka to warm the taste buds ready for the big day.

Lindt Advent Calendar – £3.99 

For a more affordable countdown to Christmas, every chocoholic should look no further than Lindt’s no-nonsense calendar.

For just a few quid more than the bog-standard supermarket offering, enjoy the Swiss-chocolatier’s classic truffle, chocolate snowdrops and even gold-wrapped reindeers on the lead up to the 25th, with a milk chocolate Santa to enjoy whilst opening presents on Christmas morning.

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