Review: Greed

Greed is definitely not about Sir Philip Green. Steve Coogan’s power-hungry, wealth-hoarding, egomaniacal, self-centred and image-obsessed character Sir Richard McCreadie is in no way, shape, or form similar to the Topshop tycoon.

Review: Come to Daddy @ Film Fear, HOME

Chaotic horror comedy romp Come to Daddy from Kiwi director Ant Timpson is an outlandish tale of father son bonding under the most extreme circumstances, that manages to defy expectations at every turn.

Review: Ghost Town Anthology @ Film Fear, HOME

Is anyone ever really gone? Denis Côte poses this question with his adaption of Laurence Olivier’s (no, not that one) novel, a glacially paced gaze at a community’s grief following an untimely death.

Review: Luz @ FilmFear, HOME

Have you ever woken from an especially interesting dream, gone to recount the details to someone only to find it suddenly seems incomprehensible in your head?

Review: Days of the Bagnold Summer

This charming tale of a mother and son’s meandering summer holiday from The Inbetweeners star Simon Bird in his directorial debut could easily wander into mediocrity, but instead becomes something all the more endearing.

Review: The Lighthouse – Cannes First Look Review

Robert Eggers’s sophomore effort follows two 19th century lighthouse keepers gradual descent towards madness at their isolated outpost in an ethereal trip through the annals of sailor myth and folklore.