Celebrating Valentine’s Day in lockdown – from cooking a meal to a virtual date

Yet again we have found ourselves in another national lockdown for the foreseeable future just as St Valentines Day approaches.

But don’t let this dampen your spirits there are ways you can make the most of the situation and still enjoy a romantic meal with your other half.

  1. A virtual date

Many of us would be flocking to a swanky restaurant dressed up to the nines with our girlfriend or boyfriend, ready to eat good food and consume many drinks.

But sadly no one will be doing that this year.

If you don’t live with your boyfriend or girlfriend use your iPhone or whatever tech device you have and arrange a virtual date from the comfort of your own home. This way girls you don’t have to cripple your feet in stilettos and boys you don’t have to strangle yourself with your tight spray on looking trousers.

Order a takeout of your choice (something nice) bang the tunes on, dim the lights, put on a spicy outfit and pretend you are across the table from each other. Not the same as being together but the next best thing under the current circumstances.

To spice things up a bit you could both surprise each other with your favourite orders and order for each other rather than yourselves. Be careful though – the wrong choice could end in the line going dead.

2. TikTok viral car date

If you have TikTok you’ve probably already seen this trend doing the rounds on TikTok with everyone and their dog doing this right now but it is a clever alternative date and a great way to celebrate February 14th.

If you or your partner drive, hop in the car and head out. Not only is this a date but it is also a game.

For this date you will be having a starter, main and a desert but it will not be a collective decision of what you will have. Rock, paper, scissors will decide.

For each of the three rounds you will play a game of rock, paper, scissors and the winner of the game will decide where you will get the food from in this round.

This date sadly only works for people living in the same household as under government guidelines households cannot mix.

3. Head to the kitchen

Again sadly only for the couples who live in the same household but a great way to spend time together.

A very self-explanatory date. Get dressed up and head downstairs with a fancy candle, grab some grub and make the most of it.

If you’re the type that usually books in advance for a table at a posh overpriced restaurant with pea sized portions then you can transform your dining room table into a makeshift Michelin starred restaurant and order a takeout meal from your favourite place and pretend you are sat there.

If you’re a homebird and this is your cup of tea why not make a three course dinner together as a great bonding activity.

4. Bang on a romcom

This can be done whether you’re physically together or not.

If you are together then great – grab your fluffy blanket get in your comfies and cuddle up on the sofa for the night bingeing your favourite rom com.

If you are sadly not with your partner on this special day then decide what movie you would want to watch together and FaceTime while you watch.

I recommend The Notebook but grab the tissues.

5. Games and drinks

A great way to bond is playing a good ol’ fashioned board game so drag your boyfriend off his Playstation!

Drinks and games are a great combination and you can fabricate your own rules on when to drink depending on what game your playing.

For example, if you’re playing snakes and ladders if you happen to land on a number containing the letter nine take a shot.    

\One final tip: whatever you decide to do on Valentine’s Day do not forget to give your partner a lovely present.

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