The 10 best Secret Santa gifts for £10 or less

Whether the name you pull out of the Santa hat is a close friend or a total stranger, here are the top ten gifts to get your office Secret Santa for Christmas this year.

  1. Christmas socks

A treat usually gifted from your grandma; everybody loves a pair of classic Christmas socks. The opportunities are endless: cosy welly socks, fancy patterns or a basic ankle, no one can complain about something they probably need more of anyway.

2. Portable Hot Sauce

A must have to sneak onto your mum’s dry Christmas turkey when she’s not looking. Whether it’s their favourite hot sauce or not, a small bottle with a clip attached means they can easily take it to and from work without the fear anyone will steal their lunchtime condiment.

3. Reusable to go cup

For the co-worker who hogs the kettle, a reusable cup can keep their coffee or tea warm for longer or give them a discount at many well-known coffee shops. The environmentally friendly twist will also go one step further in helping our planet.

4. Grow your own plant kit

If your Secret Santa recipient is known to have green thumbs, or just needs a new desk mate, a grow your own plant kit adds another layer. Not just a plant in a pot, your co-worker will get to nurture nature and see it grow over the year.

5. Travel scratch map

This gift is the perfect way to reminisce on the past whilst planning the future. The recipient can decorate their home with memories of trips they’ve taken whilst deciding on where to go next.

6. Art-worthy bottle opener

Keeping up with the green theme, there are multiple bottle openers you can find online to give, put one made of a recycled object is slightly more unique. You could pick a theme they love or something that promotes anything random, this goes a little bit further in the personalisation of a standard gift.

7. Planner/Diary

For the person in the office who is always late and always never remembers what time Monday’s meeting is. They finally might be on time for once.

8. Trivia or card game

Once the festive meal is over and the presents have been unwrapped, a family round of trivia or cards is a great way to keep everyone entertained. This gift is especially great for the more competitive people in the office.

9. Book

The one is simple but effective, even if you don’t really know the person, you can’t go wrong with a book. A twisted fantasy that with engage them over the holidays or the autobiography of their favourite singer, it’s a sure-fire way to get a smile when opened. Be sure to support your local bookstores!

10. Paint by numbers

Lastly, a paint by numbers set is a great gift to get when you pull your work bestie’s name out of the hat. Pushing the budget slightly, if you want to go one step further and spend a little more money, you could choose a picture of you together or find a memorable design. Artsy, or not, anyone can spend a few hours creating a masterpiece that they can be proud of.

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