Lockdown trends: How coronavirus is changing the fashion game

Back in March when the whole world grinded to a halt, the $2.5 tril­lion global fashion industry followed suit. 

In the months since, fashion companies have had to adapt to the ‘new normal’ by trading online and some have even developed an­tivirus protection in their clothing.  

According to a joint report by The Business of Fashion and McKinsey & Company, brands who are successful in the long­haul will be those who focus on the consumer mindset and respond innovatively to emerging trends. 

BoF research notes: “Chinese brand Cosmo Lady developed an an­tibacterial intimate wear line which capitalises on a niche product concept that now appeals to mainstream concerns for health and safety – a move that boosted its stock price by 21 per cent.” 

Now that PPE is not just used by essential workers,  ‘Antiviral… but make it fashion’ is the next big craze.  

The area certainly seems a clever investment, and has been taken onboard by Boohoo Group, whose main headquarters are based in Manchester.  

Earlier this month, Boohoo­ owned online fashion retailer PrettyLit­tleThing launched a £14 face mask dress, which was further popu­larised by paparazzi snaps of influencer model Lottie Moss.  Face masks are the ultimate accessory of 2020, and with Halloween fast approaching, many brands have already capitalised on the oc­casion and released ‘spooky options’.  

Antiviral fabrics are up ­and­ coming wardrobe additions, with many suppliers in the race to provide the best quality textiles. 

A front­runner is Albini Group, which has developed new ViroFor­mula fabrics infused with chemicals that are likely to destroy coron­avirus soon after contact.  

As is the nature of both fashion and Covid­19, trends will continue to evolve.  

What matters is that experts react quickly and responsibly.  

There has never been such a fine line between in ­vogue appearances and health practicalities.  But above all else, it’s important to remember to shop with a critical eye.

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