Tired of running? There’s a new lockdown trend – pole fitness

Pole fitness has become an interest or hobby for many people over lockdown.

As people were stuck inside consuming online content, many were exposed to pole fitness through tiktok, instagram and other social media.

Mancunian Matters spoke to Beccie Dunn, who has been practicing pole fitness for around a decade and is now a Pole and Aerial instructor.

She said about posting about pole online: “People get to watch you and your journey. It’s that encouragement for people to be like ‘Oh, I actually want to try that.’ So many people were wanting to start their journey and pole at home.”

She focuses on pole as a fitness and a sport in its own right, explaining her athletic pole style.

“I like to wear socks, I like to wear clothes and I remember the first picture that I saw this girl was wearing trainers and it was really sporty looking,” she said.

Beccie shared her view of pole fitness and her biggest tips for people new to pole fitness in the interview below…

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