Covid-19 school meal voucher concerns for vulnerable families

One in four vulnerable families believe supermarket gift cards limit convenience and choice, a survey by PayPoint has revealed.

Research by the digital payments experts said families want to opt for the freedom to use cash at their local store rather than be forced to use supermarket gift cards.

PayPoint said: “23% of people said the benefit would be significantly greater if it was available as cash to spend in their local convenience store, rather than needing them to visit a large supermarket.”

PayPoint conducted a survey on people who do not receive the government voucher and a third of the respondents have either have switched to shopping locally or have their groceries delivered to their home, to avoid the risk of COVID-19 contamination.

And 38% of vulnerable people dependent upon government funding expressed concerns about traveling to supermarkets on public transport and the high volume of other people also shopping there.

Danny Vant, Client Services Director of PayPoint said: “Whilst there are 90 local authorities and housing organisations already working with PayPoint, there are many more that could be taking up the opportunity to make free school meal vouchers and Winter Hardship vouchers available in real-time and which can be presented for cash.

“Quick to set up and easy to access for both local authorities and recipients, PayPoint Cash Out gives disadvantaged families immediate access to funds for them to spend at a convenience store of their choice.”

PayPoint has a network of 27,700 retailers across the UK providing access to Cash Out and 99.4% of urban households live within one mile of one of these locations, offering a more convenient option for vulnerable families.

“Healthier School Meals: Kid Approved” by Bread for the World is licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0

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