Sale of alcohol to be banned in Manchester and Salford later this month

Manchester is set to become alcohol free by the end of April, a source has revealed.

In just 30 days all hospitality establishments and supermarkets in the City of Manchester and Salford must cease their sale of alcohol. 

The council aims to eventually extend this new law to the whole of Greater Manchester, but it wants to trial the new scheme in these two metropolitan boroughs first.

Alcohol-fan Guy Ness, from Dublin, said: “I can’t believe this utter s***.

“There ain’t one single chance in hell that I’m staying in Manchester if I can’t drink.

“What a load of utter b*** s***!”

A spokesperson from the council said: “We believe this new law regarding the sale of alcohol will encourage a much healthier lifestyle for the people of Manchester.

“We are aware that there will be people who are uncomfortable with this new law, but we strongly encourage you all to go along with it and try your best to be open-minded.”

There are many health benefits to living a sober life, and there are many people who are already turning away from alcohol.

Restaurants, bars and shops will be allowed to continue their alcohol sales throughout the month, but the council encourages them to freeze their purchases from suppliers.

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