Traffic light timings causing more chaos than The Beast from the East

There is much to entertain you in life but sitting in traffic isn’t one of them.

Most motorists are unaware that it is their responsibility as a road user to report ineffective traffic signal timings in areas where there is regularly a large volume of traffic.

Bad weather conditions play their part in causing delays to work, however traffic signals pose a more real issue.

It isn’t just one set of lights either on our major roads, it’s sometimes multiple signals on the same stretch of road.

On the A580 East Lancs Road, there are at least four sets of traffic signals which cause a huge back log especially near the M61 slip road into Manchester.

LODGE A COMPLAINT: TfGM urge members of the public to report traffic issues

MM broached this subject with Greater Manchester Urban Traffic Control, the organisation who set the timings of the traffic signals for the whole of the area.

A spokesperson told MM that when a junction is built, traffic signals are set and if there is a problem with the timing, they rely on the general public to complain by completing a form on their website.

“They have over 2500 traffic signals and do not have the facility to check if the timings are set incorrectly on each one,” the spokesperson said.

It might be general consensus that the responsibility of traffic signal timing is a paid job but the reality is they are programmed when the junction is built and no further monitoring is ever undertaken.

It is up to us as motorists to inform GMUTC of any signal timings that could be changed to improve our journeys on the roads within Greater Manchester.

Transport for Greater Manchester Communications Officer James Stanley said TfGM are responsible for maintaining and operating the traffic signals across Greater Manchester.

Members of the public can report problems and issues with traffic signals here: 

If a problem is dangerous or urgent they can call 0845 600 1220 or 0161 244 1511.

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