VIDEO: Comic Rufus Hound features in hilarious St John’s Ambulance first aid campaign

Comedian Rufus Hound is the star of the St John’s Ambulance video to raise awareness of the importance of first aid and promote the pop-up training centres in Manchester and across the country.

Launching the ‘Save a Life September’ campaign, the video puts a comical twist on the dangers of not knowing how to respond to fatal injuries.

The comedian appears as an unfortunate teacher in a cookery class gone wrong, witnessing his students suffering from amputated limbs to serious knife wounds. 

By shrugging off each student without the proper know-how, the video shines a welcome spotlight on the importance of first aid skills.

Rufus, 36, known for his involvement with the National Healthcare Action Party, said: “Although the campaign video is funny, the message behind it is serious, it’s never too late to learn how to save a life.”  

“Everyone should visit the St John Ambulance website, find their nearest free first aid demo and learn the skills that could one day rescue someone close to them.”

The annual St John’s Ambulance awareness campaign has returned for its fifth successive year and aims to emphasise just how crucial life saving skills are.

From online videos to free downloadable guides on a wide variety of life saving procedures, the first aid charity provides accessible online information that could one day prove vital.

In addition, the organisation has established pop-up training centres around the country and held demonstrations in public places as it tries to reach as many as possible with information that could make the difference between life and death.

On September 2, the charity opened a pop-up centre in Manchester which is now open to anyone.

It will be located on the second floor in the Stretford Mall and will run for a year, offering free and discounted training schemes.

Other celebrities have been involved in the ‘Save a Life September’ campaign such as former Formula 1 driver, Mark Webber, who appeared at one of the training courses.

For more information on the St John’s Ambulance ‘Save a Life September’ campaign visit here.

Image courtesy of Adrian Long, with thanks.

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