Watch: The Great British Summer… public opinions in Manchester

The British weather is a very wild and unpredictable thing.

From storms to heatwaves, the UK is sure to give you a taste of all weather conditions in the space of a month. So we asked the public what they thought of summer weather in Britain.

After a few hours of walking round Manchester talking to the public, we were able to conclude that everyone pretty much had the same opinions as each other.


Downpours and floods have recently affected many places in the UK. A bridge collapsed in North Yorkshire, while a dam nearly collapsed in the Peak District. Railway lines have been delayed due to the heavy downpours with some services even being cancelled. 

This weather for the end of July into early August has been branded “typical” in Britain, and the public have no faith that the weather will improve in the next few weeks. One member of the public stated “we had our heatwave last summer, that’s it, summer ended.”

The heatwave last week reached highs of 39 degrees Celsius and with the increased heat death tolls are rising.

Regardless of what the forecast brings into the forthcoming weeks, the public agree that the British summer weather is highly disappointing and “typical.”

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