Ed Miliband’s integrity will make him Prime Minister, says Hulme councillor

A Manchester parliamentary candidate and councillor has said that ‘man of integrity’ Ed Miliband is up to the task of being Britain’s next Prime Minister.

Amina Lone, a councillor for Hulme ward, introduced Mr Miliband at his speech in Salford in January, an address the Labour leader used to rally his party’s activist groups in a bid to win this year’s general election.

And after meeting him on several occasions, Miss Lone is convinced he is the right man for number 10.

She told MM: “Honestly, without a shadow of a doubt. One of the points that I made [in her introductory speech] was about him as a person. And this is the thing that I value the most.

“He is a man of integrity, and is willing to fight for his principles. And for me, as someone who has been brought up in a very close-knit, working class family, always fighting for justice and wanting to give back, it is that, and having conviction that stands out. 

“That is what will see him through. It is going to be tough, but I do not have any doubt.”

Mr Miliband, in an interview with BBC Radio 5 Live on Monday, accused David Cameron and the Conservative party of putting the richest people in the country first.

He also referred to polling day in May as a ‘once in a generation election, a huge choice about who the country works for’.

When asked by the station if he felt ready to be Britain’s next Prime Minister, Mr Miliband’s answer was ‘absolutely’.

Labour will try to appeal to the interests of working people all over the country in the run-up to the election, aiming to hold four million conversations with voters befoe the vote. 

Image courtesy of Amina Lone, with thanks.

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