‘Time to act’: India and USA to dial in to Manchester climate change conference

Climate change will be on the menu at a special ‘Time To Act’ conference taking place next weekend in Manchester.

The day-long event has been organised by a coalition of local environmental groups and will take place at Methodist Central Hall on Oldham Street.

It will feature high-profile speakers such as Nick Dearden of Global Justice Now, Asad Rehman of Friends of the Earth and author Kate Pickett.

There will also be video contributions from activists from India and the USA, along with workshops for attendees to take part in.

Ali Abbas, one of the organisers of the event, said: “We’d like to give everyone a chance to find out about the causes and impacts of climate change, what can be done about it, and how we can all help to make these solutions a reality.

“Whether it’s putting pressure on politicians by joining protests or reducing your carbon footprint by growing your own food, we hope people will be inspired to work together to tackle climate change and build a better world for ourselves and future generations.”

‘Time To Act’ aims to set the scene for the international climate negotiations that will be taking place in Paris in December.

The talks in Paris have been organised with the intention of being the first time in over twenty years of UN negotiations that a binding universal agreement on climate has been reached.

Representatives of the world’s countries will meet to draft a legally binding agreement on reducing greenhouse gas emissions to replace the Kyoto Protocol.

The Paris conference is budgeted to cost €170million, with 20% of the cost borne by French companies and the French foreign minister.

Tickets for the Manchester event vary in price to accommodate for people’s varying levels of income.

They are available here

Picture courtesy of Emilian Robert Vicol, with thanks.

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