Suspected Stockport brothel busted in residential area – police arrest one man

A suspected Stockport brothel in the centre of a residential area was raided by police yesterday, leading to the arrest of a 48-year-old man.

The man detained was suspected of managing the establishment on Reddish Road, South Reddish.

He has been released on bail, but police seized items from the scene which they hope will provide further evidence of illegal activities.

Inspector Scott Winters said that a multi-agency investigation has been launched into the claims, and that he was pleased with the outcome so far.

“I am delighted with this result as the business was being run in clear view of a residential area and had quite clearly caused concern among people living and working here,” he said.

The building was one of two that were targeted by police following a tip-off from a local councillor.

The other was an associated address in the Culcheth area of Cheshire.

Among the items seized from the South Reddish address were computers, which are now being forensically examined by police.

Bank statements and business papers were also obtained and police are seeking authorisation to examine the bank accounts.

If further evidence is found to support the councillor’s claims, Inspector Winters believes the next step would be for police to apply for formal closure.

This would then stop the building being used as an illegal brothel, which Inspector Winters believes will greatly benefit the community.

“We will always respond swiftly to concerns raised,” he said.

“Uniformed officers, along with detectives and our partners, have worked very hard to disrupt this illegal enterprise on behalf of residents.”

Image via GMP, with thanks

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