“Disgrace to the Labour movement”: Anti –Vaxxer Piers Corbyn slams opposition to UK’s COVID response

Leading Anti-vaxxer Piers Corbyn has shamed the ‘pathetic’ Labour opposition to the Government’s COVID response.

Speaking at a protest outside the Conservative Party Conference in Manchester, Corbyn also took aim at the Labour Party for their apparent desire to restrict civil freedoms.

Corbyn, brother of former-Labour leader Jeremy, has been the target of outrage for his unrelenting objection to the international vaccination roll-out – a process he feels has made Governments of the world the lapdog to big pharmaceutical companies.

But he believes the majority in frontline politics are more concerned about controlling the public and destroying businesses with waves of restrictions.

“Totally pathetic,” he told MM when challenged on the opposition response. “Keir Starmer is a disgrace to the Labour movement.

“But the left opposition as well in Labour is a disgrace. They’re going along with lockdowns, and some want even more lockdowns. They’re mental.

“There are individuals in Parliament who have been very good, in Tory and in some Labour. There are some who are very concerned about the loss of freedoms and the destruction of businesses. 

“My brother (Jeremy) is probably concerned with much of these things but unfortunately he’s going along with the furlough story. Furlough means the end of democracy and the end of business.”

Labour leader Keir Starmer was critical of the Government lifting all COVID restrictions in July, and recommended mask-wearing and adequate sick pay for those needing to self-isolate.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson, speaking today at his party’s conference, joked the country would still be in lockdown if Starmer was in power.

However, Corbyn, who continues to describe the pandemic as a ‘hoax’, believes that all lockdown restrictions should be dropped immediately to nourish civil freedoms once more.

Corbyn also strongly protests the vaccination of children and remains adamant that the vaccine rollout has done more damage than good.

“The vaccine is dangerous. It can cause illness and death. The Delta Variant is the jab itself. The vaccine is the way towards a dystopian nightmare.

“There’s no benefit to the jab. It is not there to control the virus. It is there to create illnesses and make billions for major corporations so they can bring in more jabs to control the problems they have created.”

Corbyn recommends: “We end all the COVID restrictions and all the talk of lockdown. We reflate the economy by giving money to the small businesses that have been destroyed.”

The prominent anti-vaxxer also claimed that 60% of COVID deaths came from people who have been jabbed.

However, figures from the Office for National Statistics show that between January and July 2021, only 640 out of 51,281 (1.3%) of COVID deaths were of those who had been double jabbed.

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