Calling all Cumberbatch fans! Manchester Uni launch hunt for Turing’s treasure to mark Imitation Game release

An online brain-teaser to coincide with the release of Benedict Cumberbatch’s upcoming film The Imitation Game is being launched by The University of Manchester.

The motion picture documents the real-life story of late mathematician Alan Turing, who is credited with cracking the German Enigma code, saving thousands of lives during World War II.

He was formerly Deputy Director of the Computing Laboratory at the University and worked on software for one of the earliest true computers, the Manchester Ferranti Mark.

Cumberbatch – another famous alumni member, who studied drama – plays the leading role.

Dr Andrew Hazel from the School of Mathematics said: “Having seen our annual online Alan Turing Cryptography Competition, StudioCanal contacted us to propose a one-off competition related to the release of The Imitation Game.

“We were delighted to take the opportunity to share our enthusiasm for mathematics and cryptography, and to highlight the close ties between the University, Alan Turing and Benedict Cumberbatch.”

The brain-teaser features cryptic clues based around a true story, where Turing converted his savings into silver ingots and buried them in Bletchley Park during World War II.

The silver has never been found, but for the purposes of the competition, a hypothetical location has been chosen and three coded clues have been created to lead you to the hidden treasure when deciphered.

Participants submit their solutions and of those who get it right, a group of winners will be drawn at random and receive film-related merchandise kindly donated by StudioCanal, distributors of the film.

The Imitation Game Cryptography Competition is free to enter and open to any resident of the United Kingdom, but only one prize will be awarded per household.

The competition closing date is November 28 2014. To get involved in the hunt for Turing’s buried treasure click here.

Image courtesy of touchedmuch and avaragado with thanks.

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