Staff behaving badly: Racial bullying, touching pupils and stealing school funds – Bolton teachers exposed

By Ana Hine

Racial bullying and harassment, touching pupils inappropriately and theft of school funds were just some of the reasons why Bolton secondary school teachers were suspended in the last four years, MM can reveal.

The shocking ‘bad behaviour’ of staff in secondary schools was found following a Freedom of Information request by MM to  Bolton City Council.

It revealed details of the grounds for staff suspensions in the borough – as well as some of the consequences.

Though resignation was the most common response to being caught red-handed, there was one dismissal over fraud and misrepresentation during the 2011/2012 school year.

Many of the grounds given for suspension had to do with inappropriate behaviour towards pupils.

One was listed as: “Inappropriate use of social websites, making inappropriate texts and comments to pupils.” The staff member involved was issued with a final written warning.

Another resigned over a child protection/safeguarding issue.

Meddling with school finances were also a key reason for suspension. In one situation inaccurate financial advice was given to the senior leadership team and governors, again leading to a resignation.

Two staff members were suspended for ‘racial bullying and harassment’ in the 2011/2012 year. One employee signed a compromise agreement, the other resigned.

A compromise agreement is where an employer and an employee reach a settlement, usually with some sort of financial element, to draw a line under a minor dispute. Five such agreements were listed.

In total 21 members of staff were suspended from secondary schools by Bolton City Council between 2009 and 2013. 

Picture courtesy of BES Photos, with thanks.

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