Warehouse Project reveller out of coma and making ‘recovery’ after ingesting drugs at Manchester club

By Danielle Wainwright

A woman who was rushed to hospital after ingesting a ‘small quantity’ of drugs at Manchester’s Warehouse Project has come out of her coma.

The club’s chief Sacha Lord Marchionne tweeted that the woman was now making a rescovery after she fell ill on Friday night.

The woman, 32, was put into a drug-induced coma after becoming unwell at the venue and being rushed to hospital.

Sasha tweeted: “I’m delighted to say, the poorly girl from Friday night, is out of the coma and making a recovery. Together, we will beat this #WHPfamily.”

The incident came following Warehouse Project clubber Nick Bonnie died last weekend after taking drugs at the venue with 15 others receiving hospital treatment for drug-related illnesses after attending the event.

Police, working with the organisers and security staff, have doubled their presence, sniffer dogs and ensured that an on-site doctor remains on the premises at all times.

Picture courtesy of Shaun Murphy, with thanks.

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