‘Lion of England’: Wigan teen soldier killed in Iraq to have road named after him in Hindley Green

By Helen Le Caplain

A new road in Wigan will be named after a soldier from the Duke of Lancaster’s Regiment who was tragically killed just weeks after arriving in Iraq.

Kingsman Jamie Hancock was only 19 when he died while on sentry duty at a base in central Basra back in 2006.

Now a road on a new housing development in Hindley Green, close to where Jamie lived, is to be named Hancock Close in his honour.

Leader of Wigan Council, Lord Peter Smith, said: “Kingsman Hancock gave his life in service to his country. It’s our duty to honour and remember him and his sacrifice.

“The council has statutory street naming powers. It’s unusual for us to name a road after an individual but in this case I think it is entirely appropriate.

“By all accounts, Jamie was an outstanding young man cruelly taken from his family at far too young an age.

“I hope seeing this tribute so close to where they live will be a source of pride and comfort for those Jamie left behind.”

A memorial stone dedicated to Kingsman Hancock will be unveiled in March when construction work is completed.

The inscription will pay tribute to the 19-year-old describing him as a ‘lion of England’.

It’s rare for a new road to be named after an individual however after council consideration, and backing by Kingsman Hancock’s family and regiment, the decision was made.

Wigan Council plans to build 250 homes over the next five years.

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