Altrincham Green candidate laments first past the post voting system

Altrincham and Sale West’s Green candidate Nick Robertson-Brown has pushed for the idea of getting rid of the first past the post voting system.

The Green Party currently hold one seat in Westminster and are predicted to have doubled that tally by tomorrow.

But Mr Robertson-Brown has pointed out that the Greens were also expected to get around 5% of the vote which in fact would equate to them getting more seats if it weren’t for FPTP.

He said: “We need a system that actually reflects the percentage of people. If we get 5% of the vote as predicted, that’s 33 seats and yet we are getting one.

“You take UKIP, who are at the opposite end of the spectrum to us, but they seem to be polling in some places at around 15% and they’re only going to get a handful of seats as well.

“The people of this country are not being fairly represented; there is something drastically wrong with our system.”

Mr Robertson-Brown has also admitted that a system of proportional representation would enable people to believe that voting Green would not be a wasted vote.

The BBC exit poll predicted earlier that the Conservatives would win the most seats within a hung parliament which Mr Robertson-Brown hopes will not be the case.

“When I first saw the exit poll I have to say I was depressed, but we need to take it with a pinch of salt.

“A majority Tory government would be an absolute disaster and it’s upsetting that our policies are far more popular than our seats are going to show.”

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