Stockport-based charity’s 30th anniversary golf event raises more than £17,000

Stockport-based charity Supportability raised more than £17,000 in their 30th anniversary charity golf event.

Supportability encourages adults and children with complex physical and learning disabilities to live a fulfilled and independent life.

The 30th edition of their annual Golf Day event raised a total of £17,360 for the charity in mid-July and saw the largest turnout to date.

The event was held at Heaton Moor Golf Club, Stockport, where it has been hosted every year since the charity’s first Golf Day.  

Head of Fundraising, Kaylie Chapman, said: “Everybody really loved it, the turnout was fantastic and the feedback has been brilliant so far. 

“We couldn’t have asked for a better day.” 

Head of Marketing, Patricia McCartney, said: “People have already signed up for next year so that’s an indication that they had a good time.” 

Special Olympics Golf Coach & Advisor, Dave Myers, lent a helping hand to participants throughout the day to ensure they got the most out of their golfing experience. 

Kaylie said: “Oh, he’s fantastic. He’s been a friend of the events for many, many years. 

“I’m not a golfer, I’m not a golfing expert – but Dave, free of charge, sat down with me and we looked at the event to see how we could make the most of the day. 

“He was just such a fantastic friend for the event and a fantastic mentor. 

“He was there on the day working with the people that we support with his assessment, he’s such a crucial part of the event. 

“We really appreciate all the support.” 

Dave Myers coaching the participants. Taken by Supportability.

Kaylie explained the process of planning the event in comparison to last year’s Golf Day.

“[Last year] what we found is that when it came to the evening presentation, and drawing the raffle, a lot of people miss the presentation because they were in the morning and it was a long time to wait”, she said. 

“With Dave Meyers’ guidance and advice, we made the event into an afternoon-only thing so that everybody was there at the end, and we had a captive audience to get them engaged. 

“He helped us revamp the day just so that we have more of an atmosphere in the evening, which worked really well, and definitely paid off in terms of fundraising.” 

Supportability’s 2023 Golf Day was a huge success, with £17,360 setting the record for the most money raised from their Golf Day events.

Kaylie said: “To be part of their lives is the biggest ‘put a smile on your face’ moment. 

“To make them feel good or have an impact on their life is probably my personal highlight.”

Supportability has supported a variety of complex physical and learning disabilities since 1953. 

More information about Supportability can be found here: 

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