‘Tireless’ Manchester landmines charity to be recognised for 1997 Nobel Peace Prize

The inspirational, Nobel Peace Prize winning work of Manchester charity Mines Advisory Group (MAG) will be celebrated in a special 20-year anniversary.

The Lord Mayor of Manchester, Councillor Eddy Newman, led praise for MAG who in 1997 received the award after years of hard work led to the Ottawa Treaty being signed by 122 countries to officially ban landmines.

Measures had to be taken, as landmines threaten the lives of 60million people around the world.

“Manchester proudly boasts a number of Nobel Laureates but MAG are the only Manchester-based recipient of the Peace Prize,” said Cllr Newman, who will host the event on Thursday between 6-7:30 pm.

“Their award provided deserved recognition for their work at the forefront of prohibiting the use of anti-personnel mines and removing abandoned explosive devices from communities around the world.”

Landmines remain dangerous today, but MAG clear landmines and help communities in contaminated countries avoid death or injury and feel safe to return to their normal lives.

Cleared land can be used for farming, building schools and creating markets thus creating economic opportunity for neglected regions.

To celebrate the 20-year anniversary of MAG winning the Nobel Peace Prize, a reception for invited guests will be held at Manchester Town Hall.

“MAG tirelessly continues its life-saving work, 20 years on from their award,” added Cllr Newman.

“Landmines have the potential to indiscriminately kill innocent men women and children in conflict-affected areas around the globe and to date the charity has made 5 billion square metres of land safe and released it back to communities – a remarkable achievement.”

Manchester Town Hall will have the Nobel Peace Prize on display, as the city comes together to appreciate a successful project which has been life-changing for 17.5 million people from over 40 conflict-affected countries since its foundation in 1989.

In 1992, MAG joined forces with Human Rights Watch, Medico International, Handicap International, Physicians for Human Rights and Vietnam Veterans of America Foundation, to form the lobbying coalition International Campaign to Ban Landmines (ICBL).

Image courtesy of Mines Advisory Group via YouTube, with thanks.

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