The cheek! Thieves swipe drugs off COPS as £20K-worth of police property nabbed

Thieves have attempted to steal more than £20,000 worth of property from Greater Manchester Police in the last two years alone.

The items targeted have ranged from police uniforms and ID cards, to cash, vehicle parts and even laptops.

Criminals also attempted to snatch more than £12,000 worth of drugs from a South Manchester police station in March 2014 – but the contraband was recovered and the offenders charged.

Chief Inspector Stuart Wrudd, of GMP’s Wigan division, said: “Measures in place to stop thieves taking police property include CCTV at all sites, electronically operated barriers and security codes on doors. 

“Security checks are also routinely carried out at police stations, both inside and outside the premises. 

“Any theft, whether at a police station or elsewhere, is treated with the same high professional standards, and a thorough investigation is carried out to identify offenders and recover property.”  

However, more than 75% of the items stolen from GMP since January 2013 have not been recovered.

For example, almost £3000 in cash has been taken from the police in that time – with over £1000 still missing.

GMP have also failed to recover five bicycles, with a total value of £1800, stolen from police stations and streets in Salford, Tameside and South Manchester.

Thieves have successfully stolen tear gas, handcuffs, radios and a baton; but the police have also scuppered numerous other attempted thefts.  

Four burglars tried to steal a police quad bike in June 2014, but the vehicle was recovered and one suspect has since been charged.

A caution was issued to a thief who tried to steal a police uniform from a football ground in May, while a suspect who targeted £200 of body armour from a Rochdale flat has also been identified.

More than half of the thefts actually occurred while officers were on duty on the streets of Greater Manchester, rather than being taken from police stations themselves.

Image courtesy of Matthijs, with thanks.

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