Blood drive: Bolton MP urges more people to donate ‘vital’ type O negative to save lives

A constant need for blood supplies in Greater Manchester hospitals has driven a Bolton MP to encourage more people to donate and save people’s lives.

MP for Bolton West, Julie Hilling, is urging people with blood group O negative in particular to donate their blood as this is can be used in the most critical of emergencies.

While patients who require regular blood transfusions need a matching blood type, O negative blood can work with other blood groups and is vital during emergency situations.

“Donating blood can help save many lives here in Bolton West and the NHS really needs more people to sign up” said Ms Hilling. 

“While all blood groups are important some blood groups such as O negative are more vulnerable than others.”

“It’s vital that the number of regular donors with these blood groups increases.”

Ms Hilling joined representatives from NHS Blood and Transplant to promote the ongoing need for more donations as many people don’t know their blood type until donating for the first time.

Assistant Director for Marketing at NHS Blood and Transplant, Jon Latham, said, “Donating blood is easy.”

“However, it’s vital for patients in need of blood in accident and emergency situations, patients undergoing surgery and receiving treatment.” 

“Hospitals and patients still rely on more than 7,000 people attending a donation session every day across England and North Wales for the blood they need.”

Anyone who would like to book an appointment and help donate can visit or call the Donor Line on 0300 123 23 23.

An app is also available in the app store, search for ‘NHSGiveBlood’. 

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