Ending animal testing would be Absolutely Fabulous: Joanna Lumley campaigns for ‘cruelty-free alternatives’

Joanna Lumley chose Manchester to launch a new awareness campaign for a non-animal medical research charity with the help from one of her friends… Hadwen the toy Beagle.

The Dr Hadwen Trust (DHT), a non-animal medical research charity, and its supporters were joined by the actress to help increase awareness of the charity’s work.

The charity’s mascot, Hadwen the toy beagle, has begun a journey around the UK, starting in Manchester to help raise awareness of animal medical research.

Statistics released by the Home Office show that more than 4.1million procedures were conducted on animals for research purposes in 2013.

The former Absolutely Fabulous actress said: “I was shocked by these statistics, and even more so when I learned that the results gained from the research may have no relevance to human beings.

“I believe so strongly in the use of non-animal research, won’t you join me in supporting effective and cruelty-free alternatives?

“I am very proud to be a Patron of the Dr Hadwen Trust. The Trust’s practical common sense approach means that we no longer have to choose between human health and animal wellbeing.

“That’s why I share the Dr Hadwen Trust’s ideals and urge everyone who cares about people and animals to join with me in supporting the Dr Hadwen Trust.”

People are invited to come and take a photograph of Hadwen at a landmark before passing him to the next DHT supporter.

Photos will be used online for the charity’s website and social media pages to support the campaign.

Dr Kay Miller, DHT group head of operations, said: “Our idea was to send Hadwen on a journey around the UK, led by our supporters.

“We hoped that Hadwen would become famous through social media, and become the most ‘selfied’ toy dog ever, whilst at the same time making people aware of the brilliant medical research that can take place without using animals.

“We now hope that Hadwen’s journey around the UK continues with the help of those who would like to pass on a gift that has both an ethical and scientific purpose.”

To find out more about the campaign, click here. 

Hadwen the beagle is also available to buy from the charity’s website, with proceeds supporting non-animal medical research.

For more details, click here.

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