Islamic extremist ‘brother’ is working to seize control of Manchester schools, claims Trojan Horse letter

An Islamic extremist ‘brother’ is working to seize control of Manchester schools and ensure hard-line Muslim principles are taught, according to a letter in the Trojan Horse scandal.

The letter allegedly sets out a five-step plan to force schools to adopt strict Islamic principles across West Yorkshire.

The unsigned and undated document calls for a ‘jihad’ in schools to prevent Muslim children being led astray.

It details how governors should win the support of the ‘most committed’ parents, while seeking to oust any opposing headteachers.

The letter was allegedly circulated across the West Yorkshire and Birmingham areas – however it does state that a ‘brother’ is ready to do the same in Manchester.

The letter reads: “Operation ‘Trojan Horse has been carefully thought through and is tried and tested within Birmingham.

“Implementing it in Bradford will not be difficult for you. The process behind Trojan Horse is simple. It is about people seeing our intentions as respectable and our being accepted by the key stakeholders.”

Manchester was linked to the scandal in April, and Manchester City Council did confirm to MM that they discussed the allegations with Birmingham City Council, where 25 schools were under investigation.

However the council claimed that no such investigation was going on in Manchester at the time.

A spokeswoman for Manchester City Council told MM in April: “We’re aware of the ongoing review in Birmingham.

“There is however no investigation happening here in Manchester. 

“We maintain close contact with our schools and were any similar issues to arise here we would work very closely with them to address any concerns as quickly as possible.”

Image courtesy of Hector, with thanks.

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