Musician kicked off stage at Manchester pub gig

A musician was kicked off stage mid-set on Sunday at The Dog Inn, Chadderton.

James Gomes Siqueira made a 60 mile round trip from the village of Skelmanthorpe, West Yorkshire, to play a last minute gig at the pub.

The singer-guitarist, who describes his style as modern folk, was forced to cut short his performance because the landlord did not enjoy his style of music.

Despite audience members enjoying the set and clapping and dancing, the landlord told James to pack up and would only pay him half of the agreed amount.

He said: “The landlord walked up to me and spoke quietly so nobody else could hear, as soon as he went away I could see everyone looked puzzled.

“I then said very confidently, ‘Can I ask you all a question, are you all enjoying the music and do you need to know the songs I’m playing to enjoy yourselves?’

“Everyone made it clear they were having a great time, ‘Yes we are’ ‘Keep playing’ all nodding.

“I continued to play a few more songs and finished professionally, I didn’t make a scene at all.

“I got many compliments from the audience whilst I was packing down, saying they don’t know what his problem is and they really enjoyed themselves.

“The landlord got a lot of nasty looks, it was really puzzling for me, it just didn’t make sense.”

James made it clear that since reopening many venues are nervous about spending money on entertainment which has sometimes made it difficult to book gigs.

He has since issued a warning to fellow musicians.

He said: “Anyone reading this, please let other musicians know to stay away.”

The landlord of The Dog Inn has been contacted for comment.

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17 October 2021 9:30 am

I’ll try be polite.
Search this popstars name on youtube or fb.
The landlord from the Dog is willing to give everybody a chance.
Unfortunately he didn’t watch his videos before booking otherwise he wouldn’t of bothered.
I do a better Tina Turner on the toilet than this chap does.
Embarrassing and a fraud.

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