These women hiked Scafell Fell pike with kitchen sinks

Teacher Emma Woodhall and a group of women hiked Scafell Pike with kitchen sinks attached to their back to raise money and awareness for a domestic abuse charity Harbour.

The resident of County Durham said: “It was challenging with the heat but we all had a good day and had so much support on the mountain from people who passed by and were so kind and supportive.”

The group of friends raised more than £300 for the charity which supports women and families affected by domestic abuse across the UK.

The link to the Wild Wanderers women’s kitchen sink hike JustGiving page with more information can be found here.

The 36-year-old has been going out wild camping and wild swimming since she was a teenager.

“I would like to thank all the ladies who hiked- April, Zena, Ashley, Vicky, Jen, Julie, Denise and Sian. It was a wonderful feeling for all of us when we got to the top of the mountain.”

Emma runs a tiktok page and has over 25k followers who follow her outdoor adventures across the country.

She said, “I am on the positive side of Tiktok. And I love using it to look at adventure and outdoor content and sharing my experiences as well.”

In July last year, Emma and the other co-founder of wild wanderers women Corinne Hurrary, scaled a 2,850ft peak in the Lake District in four-inch heels and dresses to raise money for Women’s Aid. Follow wild wanderers on Instagram.

At the Scafell Pike summit on Saturday
The three women who hiked with sinks tied to their backs
Emma Woodhall at the top of Scafell Pike
Photo Credit: Wild Wanderers Women

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