General Election 2019: Conservatives eye potential 86 majority as Labour flounder – exit poll

The Conservatives are predicted to be the largest party according to the exit polls.

Boris Johnson’s party will have a majority of 86 and should win 368 seats, if the poll is correct. It would be the worst performance by a Labour party in modern times.

The forecast suggests that the Tories will gain 50 seats with Labour losing 71 seats.

In Scotland, SNP are expected to gain 20 MPs from the 2017 election, meanwhile the Liberal Democrats will gain one seat whilst the Brexit Party will fail to gain a single MP.

In Wales, Plaid Cymru are predicted to lose one seat and would drop to three MPs.

Current Home Secretary Priti Patel has told the BBC that she takes the exit poll as “a prediction” however if correct she says that the Conservatives will be in a position to “get on with Brexit and end this paralysis.” 


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