To the Moon and Back: Commute from Australia to University of Salford fair dinkum for Queenslander

Many people from Britain decide to explore Australia at some point in their lifetime, although few could top the travelling dedication shown by one man from Down Under.

Salford University student Adam Cain has clocked up over 90,000 miles travelling on his commute from Queensland, Australia to attend lectures in the north-west of England as part of his course.

Each of Adam’s trips to Salford’s MediaCity campus, where the course is taught, is around 18,500 miles meaning he has travelled a grand total of 93,760 thousand miles – the equivalent of almost half way to the Moon.

Adam, who works as a real estate agent in Australia, while also running youth football teams, explained that he was not fazed by his commute across the globe to travel to university.

“You get used to travel living in Australia so I didn’t really think that much about it,” he said. 

“I was immediately attracted to the course content and thought it would be a great opportunity to network as well, those were the most important factors really.

“There are quite a few big names on the course but everyone gets on well and it’s a level playing field and a really high quality cohort.”

Adam comes over in blocks of six days to take part in the course, with two days of lectures and then the rest of the time studying in his hotel room.

Adam’s classmates on his sports management degree include former gymnast Beth Tweddle, a multiple world champion and 2012 Olympic bronze medallist, along with former England cricketer Matthew Hoggard, who was a part of England’s iconic 2005 Ashes squad.

“There are some great masterclasses with people from industry and I’m enjoying the two years of learning in such a great location.

“It is tiring and my family misses me while I’m away, but it’s totally worth it and I’m just enjoying the two years learning in Salford, in such a fabulous location.”

Dr Jonathan Lord of the University of Salford Business School, who leads Adam’s VSI MSc Sports Directorship programme run jointly by the University of Salford Business School and training company VSI Executive Education, praised his commitment to the course and his enthusiasm in lectures.

“Adam has done well with his studies so far and it makes it even more impressive that he has to travel so far each time we have classes.

“He plays a full part in discussions, despite the fact he must be suffering from jet lag. To attract someone from so far away shows that Salford University has a reputation around the world.”

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