Mental health at forefront of Manchester Youth Task Force agenda

More young people are experiencing mental health issues as a result of the pandemic, according to Greater Manchester’s Youth Task Force.

A blog from a member of the Youth Advisory Group, an organisation under the Task Force umbrella, described the growing anxiety young people are feeling due to the uncertainty the pandemic has caused about their future.

Chair of the Youth Task Force, Diane Modahl who works closely with people aged between 11 – 30 said: “There was one word that kept coming up from everyone I spoke to, and that was ‘opportunity’.

“Young people feel trapped, disappointed and frustrated. Mental health is at the forefront of all out minds now. There’s more awareness about well being and there’s more acceptance of the idea that it’s OK, not to be OK.”

The Task Force, which is part of the Greater Manchester Combined Authority, aims to work with young people across the region to ensure they are able to access the support they need. 

Organisations such as Kooth is just one of many online well-being platforms which provide those aged between 11 – 18 with an opportunity to reach out for help anonymously. 

However, despite the concerns over mental health, former Olympic athlete Modahl said there are some positives to be seen among young people and one of those is an increase in resilience.

Many responded to the call for action by applying to take a voluntary position in the Youth Advisory Group early on in the pandemic.

She said: “It demonstrated the endurance of our young people.”

Kooth is just one of the platforms available to young people. The Samaritans, Shout, and Silvercloud also offer support for mental health related issues. 

The NHS run Greater Manchester Mental Health helpline is open 24/7 and can be reached on 0800 953 0285 

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