Watch: Pro-Palestinian protesters demonstrate outside HSBC as part of nationwide campaign

Protesters blocked the entrance to HSBC in St Ann’s Square on Saturday, campaigning to end the company’s alleged connection to the Israeli oppression of Palestinians.

As part of a nationwide demonstration, spreading to over 35 HSBC branches, the protestors called for an end to investments in BAE Systems, Boeing, Elbit Systems and Caterpillar.

Adie Mormech, of Manchester Palestine Action, said: “If I had those bank managers with me in Gaza in the hospitals, while little two-year-old Haneen was being rolled across the intensive care unit haemorrhaging from a bomb, I swear they’d stop what they were doing.

“They would stop the investments, in fact I think they’d walk out of the job.”

Various groups across Manchester rallied together as part of a national day of action after HSBC were condemned for investing £831m into Israeli weapons by War on Want in the ‘Deadly Investments’ report.

Fight Racism Fight Imperialism’s Nathan Williams was also present at the demonstration. He argued that anti-Semitism and pro-Palestinian protests should not be confused.

He said: “I think that supporting Palestinians, supporting their right to self-determination, their struggle against Imperialism and Apartheid is never anti-Semitic, I’d say that this is an anti-racist fight.”

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