Manchester Dogs’ Home begins accepting strays again – only six days after tragic fire

Manchester Dogs’ Home have started taking in stray dogs for the time since the fire that killed 60 dogs last Thursday.

Temporary kennels will go up on the site and 32 of those have been given to the Harpurhey facility by Battersea Dogs’ Home.

All of the surviving dogs from Thursday’s blaze were either fostered by staff and experienced dog owners or temporarily homed in Cheshire Dogs’ home.

A spokesperson for Manchester and Cheshire Dogs’ home told MM: “The kennels should be up by the end of the day so the home can take in strays – of which there are typically 12 brought in each day.

“The site is still being assessed. There is no work taking place just yet, there’s going to be more demolition before any rebuild.”

More than 3,000 businesses have kindly volunteered to assist Dogs’ Home owners with the build and the public outpouring of support has seen the home raise £1.4million in just a week.

One of two main kennel buildings on the site has been condemned – but the owners are determined to stay at their original Harpurhey location where they have been for 115 years.

“We’ve been totally inundated with offers of help which is fantastic,” said the spokesman

“We are trying to get round to everybody so we’re just asking for people’s patience because we’re struggling with the volume of offers.”

Staff members have been working around the clock since the accident, but organisations have also been offered counselling for animal bereavement and post-traumatic stress disorder to help them to heal and move on from the tragic incident.

REBUILD: A large section of the Dogs’ Home was gutted by fire (©SWNS via YouTube with thanks)

Owners say that the money will be spent on a new state-of-the-art facility as well as contribute towards the running costs of the home.

The spokesperson said: “One of the Dogs’ Home buildings that was burnt down was built and designed in the eighties, so we are now going to be drawing on the latest thinking on what makes dogs relaxed and happy.

“It was a wonderful home before, but we want to make it even better.”

A 15-year-old boy has been released on bail following his arrest for arson, which took 30 firefighters to tackle.

Social media has been a forum for many to express their anger at the suspect, even X Factor mogul Simon Cowell has condemning whoever was responsible – claiming they should get double the prison time for the heartless act.

Since the fire many have identified the arrested minor on Twitter – despite being urged by Greater Manchester Police not to do so.

Detective Inspector Neil Jones said: “The community reaction on Friday and over the weekend has been truly humbling – the public have really pulled out all the stops to help the Dogs’ Home.

“There has been speculation on social media as to the identity of the offender and I would like to ask people to not to speculate.”

As well as generous donations from people in the city, country and globally, a local charity event this Saturday hopes to raise even more cash for the cause, with Happy Mondays star Rowetta getting involved.

She told MM: “I still can’t believe what happened, the thought of a dog crying is just heartbreaking to me so I’m really glad I can do something to help this weekend.

“I love Manchester so the fact that it’s happened in our city is just horrible but the way people have rallied around has just been amazing.”

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