United for Change urge Mancunians to support asylum seekers ahead of UN summit

United for Change is appealing to the people of Manchester to support asylum seekers ahead of next week’s UN summit.

United for Change, a Manchester-based community group run by and for asylum seekers, has appealed for support leading up to Monday, September 19 when United Nations will hold a summit in New York about the global refugee crisis.

Support for refugees is crucial now in light of a UN document being criticised by human rights groups for falling short of what is needed to handle the crisis.

Amnesty International said a clause asking governments to resettle 10% of the world’s 21.3million refugees every year has been removed from the document.

It comes at a time when there are currently more refugees than any other time since the Second World War.

A United for Change member – who wishes not to be named – said: “I came to Manchester in 2011 and have been in the UK for eight years.

“I am destitute, so I get no support and have no rights. I have no home and depend on charities.

Speaking of their contributions to the community, the member added: “I love volunteering at advocate groups and gardening projects that support other people affected by homelessness.

“Manchester is welcoming to new people. Please remember we are human and we are seeking safety and we are not a number.

“Please call on your MPs to show solidarity for asylum seekers.”

Another anonymous member praised the people of Manchester for being ‘very supportive’ and has stated they feel ‘part of the community’.

While their status means they are unable to work, they aren’t without their dreams.

The individual added: “When I get my status I would open my own restaurant and feed the people of Manchester wonderful food from my country.”

A march – under the banner ‘Refugees Welcome Here’ – is being held in London today to show solidarity with refugees and asylum seekers.

Image courtesy of Louisa Billeter, via Flickr, with thanks.

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