The Only Way is Tameside: Council returns to TV screens with BBC documentary

Viewers will have the chance to see Tameside Council in action once again this month, as the second series of their fly-on-the-wall documentary returns to TV screens.

BBC 1’s Call the Council  which premiered in May and racked up more than one million viewers per episode – promises to show all the goings-on at the Town Hall as the work force tackle everything from wasp infestations to fraudulent funeral directors.

Cameras will also follow officers who are dealing with traveler issues and chemical spills, and will cover the tragedy of Manchester Dog’s Home.

Audenshaw Ward Tameside Councillor, Oliver Ryan, said: “I am glad the BBC is shining a light on the unsung heroes of our council.

“Increasing government pressure on local authorities can sometimes seek to undermine the work we do, but local authorities like Tameside play a vital role in supporting communities.”

The programme will air every weekday for two weeks, providing insight in the day-to-day challenges faced by Tameside Council officers.

BBC Producer, Darrell Olsen, said: “The people working for your council are hardworking, decent people who are passionate about what they do.

“We have cast the net wider and highlighted the work the Council does in other areas. It’s a rich and diverse list and will hopefully make the show even more successful second time around.”

Tameside Council assistant executive director for environmental services, Ian Saxon, added: “People said the series had given them a greater understanding of the work and challenges faced by the Council and, importantly, the personal commitment of staff making a difference.”

‘Call the Council’ begins October 20 at 11.00am, and will run every weekday for a fortnight on BBC1.

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