Gym aims to battle COVID-19 with a new metabolic health campaign

Fighting Fit, a Manchester based specialist martial arts gym, has recently launched a post lockdown-program focusing on improving health and metabolic fitness.

The ‘Take Control’ initiative comes after Boris Johnson’s announcement of a crackdown on obesity in the United Kingdom, in an attempt to tackle the Coronavirus pandemic. 

Fighting Fit are aiming to assist in the wider ‘Better Health’ government scheme, which aims to help 35 million people to lose weight and live healthier across the country. 

A July 2020 Public Health England study states: “people with COVID-19 who are living with obesity, are at notably increased risk of serious COVID-19 complications and death.” 

These findings support Boris Johnson’s recent statements that the country is overweight, but those at Fighting Fit believe this is too simplistic a response. 

Fighting Fit, Manchester.

Taking a more holistic approach to exercise, the gym aims to show people that health is not just about your weight or BMI, it is about your metabolic health as well. 

Jay Cahill, the owner, said: “Metabolic health is around having the right nutrition, both micro and macro nutrients, the right amount of sleep…” 

She also highlighted the importance of drinking  enough water and getting any type of activity or exercise in every day. 

Cahill also does not believe the government campaign goes far enough, and has said: “Why not put some money behind subsidizing exercise programs, gym memberships, doing more to make sure sports were safe so that we can continue exercising and training through this.” 

With the combination of weight loss and an increase in metabolic health, it is believed by those at Fighting Fit that the effects of the coronavirus can be significantly curbed. 

“According to research from the CGA BrandTrack April and June 2020; the pandemic has led to an overall shift in behaviours with 74 percent of consumers worrying about the impact of Covid-19 on their health.”

This has led to an increase in gym attendance and in-home workouts, and Fighting Fit are hoping to help keep this trend in increased fitness going. 

More information on the program can be found at 

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