Carjacking drug addict jailed for running over great-grandmother in her own car

A man has been jailed for carjacking a 78-year-old great-grandmother and running her over in her own vehicle.

Dorothy Cooper was left in a wheelchair after Paul Anthony Moore lured Dorothy out of her car in Royton by telling her it was giving off smoke and flames.

The 45-year-old was sentenced to 11 years in prison at Manchester Crown Court after pleading guilty to the robbery and grievous bodily harm.

The court heard how Dorothy had driven to the town centre to pick up a gift for a friend before being followed to her car by Moore.

In a victim statement by Dorothy, the court heard how the pensioner ‘is terrified the rest of her life will be filled with pain, with an inability to do anything by herself’ after the horrific incident.

Dorothy also added that ‘had she been asked for money she would have given it to him’.

As he made his getaway, Moore hit Dorothy and trapped her between the door and wheel of her car, running over her stomach and legs until she was rolled out like a ‘rag doll’.’

She was left with extensive injuries including a laceration to her knee, a pelvic fracture and bruising, requiring specialist care at Withington and Salford Royal hospital.

The court heard how Dorothy’s grandson, Mathew Cooper, said ‘she is often alone and upset, her life is ruined, she is in pain on a day to day basis even with simple things such as when the nurses move her to prevent bedsores’.

Dorothy had even said during one visit that she wanted to be ‘put out of her misery’.

Moore was funding a drug habit after a recent relapse, having begun taking class A drugs when he was 14 and at one point costing him £500 a day.

A well-known offender in the area, Moore earned the nickname ‘Roger the Dodger’ and was unable to earn money shoplifting because of this notoriety.

He had managed to receive 23 convictions including 3 assaults on police officers, two cases of obstructing officers and even one by escaping from custody.

The prosecution, led by Mr Justin Hayhoe, noted that the 78 year old was then targeted by Moore in broad daylight despite the car park being full of people.

As Dorothy attempted to leave in her car she noticed Moore was walking towards her car, she decided to wait for him to pass and was surprised when he knocked on her window.

He insisted that she get out of the car to check the alleged problems.

Dorothy did not find any issue with the vehicle and asked Moore, who had gotten into the car, to get out as she did not need his help.

Despite her shouting ‘you are going to hit me’ Moore continued reverse the car.

Members of the public were able to quickly assist Dorothy in the car park after the incident and call the emergency services.

Her handbag and engagement ring, which were inside the car, were recovered by a dog walker on a nearby road.

The defence, led by Mr Paul Bryning, said Moore had demonstrated genuine remorse in entering a guilty plea, having been unaware of Dorothy’s injuries.

But Mr Bryning admitted that Moore had gone out that day to commit the offence in order to purchase drugs.

Judge Andrew Lowcock passed the sentence of 11 years, alongside a nine and half year driving disqualification, while describing the grave nature of Moore’s offences.

“This was a horrible offence done for your selfish desire of money for drugs,” he said.

“You targeted a 78 year old lady, she had suffered lifelong injuries and she will never return to her previous self.

“Whatever sentence I pass will not be enough to give this lady her life back.”

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