General Election 2019: Meet the Manchester Central candidates

Labour’s Lucy Powell won the Manchester Central seat in 2017 with a huge 63.2% majority. Powell earned 77.4% of the votes, over 30,000 more than closest competitors the Conservative party.

This article was updated on December 11.

The constituency voted 63.64% to remain in the EU referendum.

This seat has been safely held by Labour since its creation in 1974.

John Richard Bridges – Liberal Democrats

John Bridges is standing in 2019’s general election with a focus on stopping Brexit. Bridges believes a £50bn remain bonus could be spent on tackling climate change, employing more teachers and investing in mental health.


Sarah Jane Chadwick – Brexit Party

Chadwick is standing as candidate for Nigel Farage’s Brexit party on December 12.


Melanie Jane Horrocks – Green Party

Horrocks is an Information Governance Lead and is hoping to increase the 1.7% share of the votes that the Green Party received in the constituency in 2017.


Shaden Jaradat – The Conservative Party Candidate

Jaradat works as a Research Strategy Coordinator at the University of Manchester where his focus is on Science and Engineering. His aim will be to reduce the 63.2% strong majority held by Labour in the constituency.


Dennis Leech – Socialist Equality Party

Leech is an advice worker for a mental health service charity and writes for the World socialist website on social issues.


Lucy Powell – Labour and Co-operative Party

Powell has served as Manchester Central’s Member of Parliament since winning the by-election in 2012. She will be aiming to maintain Labour’s large majority and be elected as the constituency’s MP for the third consecutive occasion.


The deadline for registering to vote is midnight November 26 ahead of the December 12 general election.

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