‘Powerful’ child sexual exploitation play comes to Stockport schools in bid to raise awareness

By Matt Simpson

A drama production raising awareness of child sexual exploitation will be performed at secondary schools across the borough after it was commissioned by Stockport Council.

Entitled Somebody’s Sister, Somebody’s Daughter, the play will be seen in six schools during June after its premiere at the Town Hall today.

Pamela Roberts, Headteacher at Stockport School, one of the schools hosting the production, said it is important the students were made aware of this issue.

“It seems to be the victims never seem to be aware of what they are being drawn into and this production is aimed to show them how,” she said.

“It makes them aware from the very beginning that this could be something they don’t want to be involved with.”

The production was offered to schools across the borough and Mrs Roberts revealed Stockport were lucky enough to have available space for something she hopes will be beneficial.

“I hope that learning visually about this subject through drama will help the children,” she added. “If they see it through a play, hopefully it will stay with them.

“Drama is very popular in this school so the students are really used to hot-thinking which is one of the things this production company use.

“It’s always good if somebody outside of school comes in because it’s not just the same person giving them the message.

“We also have very strong PSHE at the school and this will fit in well with that. They will enjoy it I’m sure and they will get a lot out of it.”

Without being sexually graphic, the play will look into people caught up in street grooming gangs and highlight the dangers and the complex issues of this sensitive subject.

Councillor Kevin Dowling said it is a key part of the council’s effort to prevent and raise awareness of child sexual exploitation and believes it sends out a clear message.

“This thought-provoking drama delivers powerful messages,” said the executive member for Children and Young people.

“It is important that the production is seen by as many young people and adults as possible in Stockport.”

The other five schools where the drama will be performed include the Kingsway, Moat House (PRU) and Priestnall, St Anne’s RC and Werneth Schools.

Anyone concerned about a child or young person thought to be at risk of child sexual exploitation should contact Stockport Council 0161 474 5657 or call ChildLine on 0800 1111.

Image courtesy of apdk, via Flickr, with thanks.

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