Top 10 family-friendly areas in the UK revealed… with Trafford in 7th place

Trafford is the seventh most family-friendly area in the UK, according to a new survey.

The Greater Manchester borough appeared in the top 10 of a study which analysed crime rate, the number of parks and house prices.

Home security firm ADT, which conducted the research, also looked at the percentage of good rated schools, cost of bus fares and other factors to create a ‘family safety score’ out of 10.

Trafford was one of two North West areas which appeared in the top 10, along with sixth-placed Wirral.

Based on this study, Waltham Forest, Kirklees, and Havering stand at the top of the most family-friendly areas in the UK, with 7.23, 7.12, and 6.99 scores out of 10, respectively. Trafford stands in the 7th place, the same as Newcastle upon Tyne, with a 6.72 out of 10.

Regarding the lowest crime rates, Dorset, located in the southwest of England, comes out on top with an annual crime of 49 per 1000 of the population as of the year ending March 2023. Harrow and Bexley, with an annual crime of 62 and 65, are the second and third lowest crime areas, respectively.

The study also shows that Tower Hamlets has the most green spaces in the UK, with an average number of 13 parks, public gardens, and playing fields, and Havering stands at the top of the areas with the most top-rated schools.

Hull stands at the top of the areas with the lowest median house prices, with the median house price around £130,000 as of the year ending December 2022. With the £175,000 median house price, Bolton is placed 10th at the end of this list.

To see the full report, visit the website.

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