Manchester School of Art showcases next generation of fashionistas in catwalk event

The next generation of designers brought their flair to the Manchester School of Art final year fashion show. 

Held at the Union, the event showcased the student’s final year projects with 40 designers showing a variety of styles.

The models strutted down the catwalk embodying all of the different styles including metallic, leather, fur and knitwear. 

One designer, Chloe Parsons, drew her inspiration from her time in China and used flashes of red to represent her influence. 

Chloe also used slogans that she saw in Shanghai and the uniform of a Hong Kong slum worker as inspiration.

Beth Cambidge said the architecture from Barcelona influenced the circles and arches in her clothing. 

She was also influenced by the Japanese philosophy Wabi-sabi which centres on seeing the beauty in imperfections.

This led her to incorporate the technique of kintsugi, the practice of repairing broken pottery with gold, represented by Beth’s gold detailing on her monochrome designs. 

Beth’s designs stood out to me as something that was bringing something new and different to a classic look. 

It embodied a sophisticated workwear style while bringing an artistic edge to it. 

Tash Yates explored the use of colour after attending a festival in China and used her interest in digital print to bring the use of colour. 

She also drew inspiration from skiwear which was shown through fur, big coats and leggings.    

A common trend was vibrant colours with many different choices of busy patterns including flowers, symbols and pixelated graphics.

There were many alternative styles presented including Lucie Knight’s range which embodied nature using greens, browns and different textures. 

There was a variety of menswear featured that brought an urban vibe while other designs brought something new to a preppy style. 

All the designs were certainly artistic with their personalities and unique sense of style shining through while offering a variety of quirks.

Image courtesy of Samantha Wood, with thanks.

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