Manchester marks the sixth anniversary of Arena terror attack

Manchester will hold a day of remembrance to honour the 22 victims who lost their lives in the May 2017 Arena terror attack.

A reflection ceremony will be held at the city centre Glade of Light memorial, which was opened last year by the now Prince and Princess of Wales ahead of the fifth anniversary of the attack.

Civic representatives will lay a floral tribute in respect to all those who were injured in the attack.

Two one-minute moments of silence will be held at Manchester Victoria Station at 12pm and 10:31pm, marking the exact anniversary of the attack, with candles provided for those wishing to light them.

The names of those who lost their lives will also be read out during services at Manchester Cathedral at 9am (Morning Prayers), 1.10pm (Holy Communion) and 5.30pm (Choral Evensong.) 

Council Leader Cllr Bev Craig said: “It’s hard to believe six years has passed since the terrible events of 22 May 2017 and our hearts continue to go out those who lost their lives, their loved ones, those who were injured and everyone still dealing in some way with the legacy of that day.

“We know 22 May will always be a poignant day for many people. 

“Manchester will not forget them.”  

Figen Murray, who lost her son Martyn Hett in the attack said: “Everybody dreads the month of May.

“It’s like Groundhog Day, every anniversary is, every May is a really dark time, everybody dreads the month of May.

“The day is actually, okay, I think it’s the build-up that is really quite scary and anxiety-provoking because all your sadness, all that pain is coming back to the surface year after year, and to be honest, it hasn’t changed in all those years and I don’t think it will in 10 years.”

She said despite the difficulty of the month, she can feel the solidarity of the city coming together:

“I think Manchester is the most incredible city to live in. The solidarity that was shown after the attack happened, the love that was shown, the kindness that continues year after year.

“The Glade of Light is something really special that is not just for the victims, it’s for everybody who has been involved in the attack.

“It’s a reminder of the solidarity for everybody in the city. I think a lot of people felt the attack was an attack against their city. A lot of people took it very personally and there is a very common grief.”

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