Northern Quarter escape room encourages players to lock up their mums this Mother’s Day

Mancunians are being invited to lock up their mums for Mother’s Day – but don’t worry, it’s only for an hour.

Rather than a meal out or a day at the spa, Lucardo – an escape room based in the Northern Quarter – are encouraging players to treat their mums to one of their breakout games.

Best of all, mums won’t have to pay a penny as they tackle puzzles and riddles alongside their sons and daughters for 60minutes.

Ian Pownall, who runs the escape room, said: “We figure it’s time to ditch some of the sentiment surrounding Mother’s Day and encourage families to have fun together instead.

“Rather than breakfast in bed, we’re inviting families to show how much their mum means to them by being locked in a room together for an hour.

“The idea is they will enjoy some quality time by working as a team to get out.”

FREE: Mums won’t have to pay a single penny

All in all, Lucardo features five live action game rooms.

Gem Runner will see teams tasked with pulling off a bank heist, while The Dream requires gamers to find winning lottery numbers.

Espionage asks teams to travel back in time to 1938 and work to recover stolen documents from an enemy bunker, while Virginia House requires the skills of a detective to hunt a crazed serial killer who is on the loose.

For those seeking an extra challenge, Contamination has been rated as 80 per cent difficulty and asks gamers to find a missing vial containing a deadly strain of poison.

Ian added: “It’s always interesting to see how groups work together to solve the clues in a bid to escape.”

Mums can be locked up for free on Sunday, March 26 with a minimum of two paying players.

Games can be booked online.

Image courtesy of Amanda Slater via Flickr, with thanks.

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